Ah, CSI. What other television show might present digital forensics with such two-bit dialogue?

It’s time when once again to put on your hacker hats – a red fedora, we assumption – as well as tell us the worst hacker dialogue you’ve seen in movies or TV. We’ve seen a ton of shows as well as movies where writers as well as directors spend zero time doing any type of kind of research study in whatever innovation they’d like to show off in the story they’re trying to convey. usually this results in lines like, “I’ll produce a GUI interface utilizing visual Basic. See if I can track an IP address.” It’s technobabble at its best, as well as horribly misinformed at its worst.

We’re wondering what you, the visitors of Hackaday, believe are the worst examples of hacker lingo fails. Anything from, ‘Enhance!’ to the frightening real-life quote, “the Web is not a huge truck. It’s a series of tubes.”

We’ll compile your tips in a later post, however I’m betting something from Star Trek: Voyager will make the #1 technobabble/hacking lingo fails. There’s just as well much in that show that isn’t internally consistent as well as doesn’t pay any type of heed to the legislations of (fictional) physics. Warp 10, I’m looking at you. Of program there was the wonderful Habbo recommendation in last week’s Doctor Who, however I’m betting that was deliberate as [Moffat] seems quite as much as speed on the tropes as well as memes of the Interwebs.

About a month ago, we asked you for your handle the worst hacking scenes ever shown on TV or film. The results produced great viewing, albeit with a surprising absence of Lawnmower Man. now we want some dialogue to go with these horrendous hacking scenes. So, what state you, Hackaday? What are the worst hacking lingo stops working you’ve seen or heard? Please be specific about what movie/TV show you’re referencing. Last time some great stuff most likely slipped by since people just stated a few words without context presuming we’d understand precisely what they were referring to.

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