[Ginge] sent in this fun bit project. He provided himself 3 hours to total a hack (not including research study time) as well as handled to find up with this awesome activity meter. He handles the entire job like it is some type of contest. Ground guidelines are laid out, needing practicality of the final product, minimum investment, as well as practically total utilize of junk stack pieces.

Using an old difficult drive for the frame of the job in addition to the “dial” part of the meter, he hacked together a system load/ hdd as well as proc activity meter. The brains of the job are an AVR as well as he even implemented some PWM to smoothing things out. He goes into some fair detail on the building of the thing (was the writeup included in your develop time? -50 points!). even though he’s utilizing a piece that he manufactures as well as offers (OSIF), you might most likely figure out exactly how to do it without.

You can see a video of it in action after the break

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