MEGGY JR RGB portable game platform

Evil mad scientist Laboratories have just revealed the release of the Meggy Jr RGB, a completely programmable handheld console with an 8×8 RGB LED matrix display. like its huge sisters Peggy as well as Peggy 2.0, the Meggy Jr is driven by an ATmega168 microcontroller as well as is made up of a bank of completely addressable LEDs. Unlike its siblings, the gadget boasts six buttons as well as the capability to be mounted inside of a custom situation (or “handle set”) built from plastic or wood, significantly altering the look of the console. utilizing the prominent open-souce Arduino environment, individuals are able to compose custom software application for the device. While it works fantastic as a game console, of the many possible configurations as well as suggested uses, we believe “disco floor for your Lego minifigurines” is the most amusing.

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