Is there space on Mars as well as Europa for adorable robots? [NASA] — working together with [UC Berkley] as well as [Distant focus Corporation] — have the answer: PUFFER, a robot influenced by origami.

PUFFER — which means Pop-Up Flat-Folding Explorer Robot — is able to sense objects as well as change its profile appropriately by ‘folding’ itself into a smaller size to in shape itself into nooks as well as crannies. It was developed so several PUFFERs might reside inside a larger craft as well as then be deployed to scout otherwise inaccessible terrain. Caves, lava tubes as well as shaded rock overhangs that might shelter organic material are prime candidates for exploration. The groups of PUFFERs will send the collected information back to the mom ship to be relayed to mom Earth.

We’ve embedded the video of the bot folding it’s wheels down to pass a low-bridge. You can get a view of the larger range of performance for the collection of demos on the job page.

Its low cost, weight, as well as little size would make an perfect addition to broaden objective capability with free science instruments. Plus, it can endure a few bumps, climb up steep inclines, even navigate slippery or snowy surfaces, all of which suggests extra these probes will be an important possession for any type of future exploration missions.

For much more space-goodness, inspect out that time we explored the Jet-Propulsion Laboratory, or try your hand at solving one of area exploration’s aggravating problems.

[Tip offered by Itay, through Gizmodo]

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