Watch As Siri “Self-Destruct” feature Hits After incorrect Passcode [VIDEO]

because arriving as one of the main features of the iphone 4S and iOS 5, Siri has certainly had its ups and downs, and while some have manipulated it to discover brain waves and carry out other strange and fantastic tricks, others have opted to sue Apple, disappointed by the poor performance of the system-wide voice recognition software.

Aside from the EEG brainwave detection, we’ve even seen developers and modders use Siri to start cars, and to add to the list of appealing, yet unlikely-to-be-implemented features, the following video shows Siri prompting a concept iphone 5 into exploding after the password is entered incorrectly a series of times.

In what would certainly come as a surprise to an iphone thief, the screen turns red and then simply explodes, leaving a blank display covered in those dreaded cracks.

While I suspect numerous would love to have such an option on their own devices incase it ought to get into the wrong hands, the possibility of this ever hitting the market is less than impossible. With health and safety policies becoming much more and much more stringent moving forward, allowing people to house a small bomb in their iphone will certainly not be on the agenda.

Still, it makes for an entertaining video, and I’m sure many of us would love to have the ability to remotely execute this feature ought to our device become lost or stolen

Sidetracking a little, I couldn’t help but notice how good that concept iphone looked. Being only halfway through the iphone 4S release cycle, information concerning the next installment is pretty scarce. However, there have been numerous ideas that Tim Cook’s company will finally deviate from the 3.5″ display prevalent in every single iphone over the past 5 years, so possibly the depicted device in the video provides an insight as to how it might look?

Some commentators have suggested that Apple needs to increase the size of the display, because so numerous popular devices from the likes of Samsung are giving consumers much more real estate. However, the iphone continues to reign supreme over its Android-wielding rivals, and with the average thumb unable to conveniently cover a diameter larger than the device’s screen, it remains to be seen whether Apple deems the larger screen to be a necessity.

[Thanks, Thomas Dunn]

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