DEPLOYING AN open source contamination tracking NETWORK

[Kasey] as well as [Guyzmo] have been working for the past couple of years on a side job that lets them screen contamination utilizing a network of sensors. They’ve just decided to make the job open source, both hardware as well as software. The details of the system are offered at their GitHub repository.

There are two primary elements to the system. On the right is a base station which collects the data from the array of sensor, one of which is shown on the left. Each sensor runs off of a battery, however features a PV solar panel which keeps the power source topped off. It utilizes an Arduino to drive the system, as well as an XBee radio for communications. Some information about the sensors can be discovered on this summary page. There’s a PM10 particle pollution sensor, temperature, sound, nitrogen, as well as oxygen sensors. We likewise question if any type of data can be gleaned from exactly how much electricity the solar panel is able to harvest?

The base station likewise utilizes an XBee radio to poll the network, however it’s not driven by an Arduino. They’ve gone with the ARM-based BeagleBone to handle the data.

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