Verizon FiOS TV comes to The Xbox One, Bringing 74 online TV Channels Without any type of Fuss

With Microsoft desperately trying to market the Xbox One as less than a game console as well as more of an entertainment hub, getting material service providers to jump on board will be similarly as important as getting top gaming titles onto the machine as well as now one of the biggest players in the game is all set to stream TV content.

Launching today as well as rolling out to Xbox Ones as you checked out this, the Verizon FiOS TV app is a free download to anyone with an Xbox online Gold subscription, though they will obviously requirement to have the appropriate Verizon contracts in location in order to make the magic happen.

That magic will include streaming over the Web of the Syfy HD channel, animal Planet, AMC HD, as well as lifetime HD channels in addition to the all-important discovery HD as well as HBO HD. That means game of Thrones fans will be able to get their repair on the Xbox One, total with all the benefits that come together with that. The app’s interface is extremely Xbox One-like, as well as will in shape in well with other offerings on the platform which is important for the Xbox brand moving forward.

While Verizon FiOS isn’t offered to everybody across the United States, the telecoms business is rolling it out to more as well as more areas constantly. If you are lucky sufficient to have FiOS though, then you requirement not concern about the streaming high quality thanks to that ridiculously quick Web connection you’re sat on. lucky old you!

The Xbox One has been on sale for almost a month now as well as is already proving prominent amongst gamers. being able to add non-gaming features to the console such as this Verizon FiOS app will be a significant boon for the platform, particularly with Sony’s PS4 preferring to go old institution by concentrating on games rather than media as well as house entertainment in general. It stays to be seen which approach is going to be the winner, if indeed either dominates over the other during this generation. however history has shown us that house entertainment features truly are game altering cards.

With a dearth of new big-name games on the horizon right now, it may be things like the Verizon FiOS TV app that keep Xbox One owners entertained in the coming months.

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