[Mathieu] was on holiday in China as well as chosen up some fun toys while browsing the various electronics markets there. the most fascinating things he found were a pair of RGB LED matrices. They came in two different flavors, one produced indoor as well as one for outside displays, sporting a 64×32 as well as 32×16 resolution, respectively.

If you’ve checked out his blog before you understand he is a huge fan of LED matrices, so it’s only natural that purchased a whole lot of them as well as started experimenting when he got home. utilizing the exact same Atmel FPSLIC LED matrix manage board he showed off in this previous hack, he was able to get the LED matrices up as well as running in no time. He adapted his webcam job to use the new panels, as well as he added a whole new function as well. through MatLab, he can now screen any type of kind of animated gif on the panels, as you can see in the video below. The panels look great, as well as if we had a few of these around, there’s no question we would most likely play this video on unlimited repeat.

He states that the in spite of their somewhat doubtful origins, the panels are of top notch quality, as well as he is prepared to organize some kind of group purchase if others are interested.

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