Galaxy Nexus (Maguro, Toro, Toro Plus) gets early Lollipop Love!

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the third gadget in the acclaimed Nexus line of devices, has long been forgotten when it pertains to official updates. The 18 month period for software application support as well as the aging TI Omap chipset didn’t assist its cause, Google had stated. however the appeal of Nexus gadgets is that the designers have always got their backs in the software application department. The phone didn’t get official support for Android 4.4 KitKat which dissatisfied lots of an enthusiast. however the designers stepped up their game as well as hence, relatively steady develops of KitKat were offered for the gadget in the type of custom-made ROMs. as well as yes, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus lived on!

But KitKat is now a thing of the past — Lollipop is the flavor of the season after all! as well as while a lot of present prominent gadgets already have an updated plan up as well as running from their respective OEMs, the Galaxy Nexus individuals were starting to lose hope. as well as yet again, the designers were the ones to their aid. Cult complying with ain’t nothing to be underestimated after all! Not a long while back, updated GPU motorists were made offered over at XDA that enabled the gadget to work much better with newer versions of Android. quick ahead to today, as well as the very first Android 5.0 Lollipop develop is already offered for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

As is expected from early develops of any type of ROM, this is a work in development as well as for this reason rather a few things don’t work literally. The ROM is absolutely not eligible for your everyday motorist specified as of yet. however the truth that we have a develop for this aging gadget even before the official updates are offered for the Nexus 5, is excellent indeed! Coming back to the ROM though, a few of the understood problems in this develop include problems with the mobile data/MMS, the stock cam app, as well as other bugs as well as minor glitches as well. however still, on a positive note, the dev states that bugs as well as other problems aside, the ROM is really extremely snappy as well as runs excellent with trademark Lollipop fluidity.

We are supplying links to the xda thread for all three versions of the gadget below. Head on over!

Maguro (Regular/International)

Toro (Verizon)

Toro Plus (Sprint)

Anyway, if this did irk your rate of interest as well as you have a Galaxy Nexus handy, perhaps you must provide it a try. You do have to have a quite adventurous mindset though! as well as don’t fail to remember to share your experience in the comments section below.

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