Mozilla Labs has launched yet another new project, this one a location based plugin for Firefox. Geode will let users to take advantage of location data embedded within a web page. like [MG Siegler] at VentureBeat, we wondered what the point of a location-based desktop browser was, because many cell phones are now GPS-enabled. TechCrunch and CNET’s Webware, cite the example of a user who is searching for a place to eat while out of town. using Geode, his favorite restaurant review site would know automatically to display eating establishments in the locale he is visiting. As semantic information permeates much more and much more of the web, we’re certain that we’ll see numerous much more uses for a tools like Geode. Geode’s uses Skyhook’s Loki technology, which identifies position base on what WiFi access points it sees just like the Eye-Fi.

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