Apple iphone 5s Announced: Features, release Date, price [Everything You need To Know]

Ah, finally.. finally, the iphone 5s, Apple’s newest and greatest flagship smartphone has been revealed to the world. and we’ve got all the details under one roof!



The iphone 5s packs Apple’s all-new A7 processor, which is of the 64-bit variety, the first for any smartphone in the world, which naturally delivers a stronger performance compared with that of its predecessor. This enables iOS 7’s animations to run smoothly and without any kind of lag. Of course, the A6 has been relatively strong for the iphone 5 during the course of the last year, but with A7 pushing the boundaries just that little bit further, the iphone 5s will certainly be among the smoothest devices on the market.

So yes, in case you’re wondering, the iphone 5s is the first ever smartphone which has a 64-bit processor. Apple goes as far as saying that ‘the other men aren’t even talking about this’ yet.

iPhone 5s also features M7 coprocessor which is developed to make the device much more efficient. It helps in offloading work from the main A7 chip which results in faster performance and enhanced battery life. The new M7 chip also knows when you are walking, running or driving.

Touch ID + home button:

Every new iphone needs a feature to talk about, and the iphone 5s has precisely that with a fingerprint sensor, which Apple is officially calling ‘Touch ID’, aside from the apt description of home button. enabling a device to be unlocked without typing in a PIN or password – a cumbersome rigmarole at the best of times – it brings enhanced safety and security while also being rather cool.

But wait, there’s more, Touch ID can read multiple fingers, which implies it’s not limited to your thumb, for example. Touch ID is deeply integrated into iOS 7, according to Apple, which implies that you can set it up to make iTunes purchases as well. In Layman’s terms; your fingers are now your password. Win.

The conventional home button is still there, but serves its purpose as a fingerprint sensor as well. The conventional square logo on the home button is now a thing of the past.

Naturally, Apple has made quite a bit of fuss about the new feature, but hey, regardless of whether you see much benefit from it or not, it’s a gimmick to get it selling.


The iphone 5s features dual-LED flash, which not only improves low-lighting shots, but also provides much more natural lighting compared with the traditional, deer-in-the-headlights look.

The rear-facing snapper is an 8-megapixel, F2.2 broad aperture lens affair, and features 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second, and up to 120 frames per second at 720p, which is a enormous leap on the iphone 5. but that’s not just it, the image sensor is now 15 percent much more larger, which allows much more detail to be captured in low light.

Still wondering about the 120fps part? Apple is introducing Slo-Mo with the new iphone 5s, which lets you slow down parts of your video for that oh-so dramatic video shot.

To top things off, the iphone 5s’ video camera now takes photos in burst mode, too. If you’re into taking action shots, then the new burst mode will assure you never miss a scene.

Camera also features car image stabilization.

The front-facing camera, meanwhile, is a 1.2 megapixel offering, but seeing as it’s only for FaceTime and such, its purpose doesn’t stretch beyond showing vaguely viewable image.


The iphone 5s is very much in the same vein as the iphone 4S in that it looks practically identical to the iphone 5. aside from the rather distinctive Touch ID sensor, the iphone 5s looks very similar to its older brother.

Having said that, there is one essential difference; the iphone 5s comes in a gold color configuration as well, a decision which is likely to split the crowd as much as it already has. but while we possibly all have opinions on whether a gold iphone is a good idea or not, the fact remains that it’s another option, which can never be a bad thing.

Color Options:

Gold, Silver, and space Gray


The iphone 5s will offer 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage configurations. In a world in which we’ve become heavily reliant upon apps, it’s good to see Apple preparing power users appropriately, and while some older models would have found 64GB of storage simply crippling, the A7 processor of the iphone 5s ought to keep everything ticking over nicely.


The iphone 5s provides all the typical wireless connectivity as you’d expect. Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n (and no ac, which is a big bummer), 4G LTE with support for even much more bands around the globe.


Apple has a bigger battery, which provides 10 hours of 3G talk time, 8 hours of 3G web browsing, 10 hours of web browsing on LTE, 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi. The iphone 5s provides 250 hours of standby time, with 10 hours of continuous video playback, and 40 hours of munull

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