A guide to MWC 2017 – things to enjoy Out for this February

If you’re a tech-savvy person that determines with other smartphone enthusiasts, then you probably know and are waiting for the greatest smartphone related event in the first quarter of 2017. MWC, or Mobile world Congress, is the place to be if you want to hear the current news and also experience the current announcements and unveiling.

Not only will all the tech giants be present, but so will all their newest innovations and products. some of them have been rumored for as long as a full year and now finally fans get the chance to see how it all materializes. In this article, we will be giving you the full scoop on what to expect from this year’s MWC. You can look at it as a guide to get you prepared for the upcoming event which promises some awe-worthy unveiling.

Samsung leaves Galaxy S8 at home but will a lot of likely bring something noteworthy to the show

The most current Samsung high-end device, the Galaxy S8 flagship, will be absent from the MWC according to several sources which claim that fans won’t be able to see the Galaxy S7 successor next month. While MWC would have been a terrific opportunity for Samsung as it is for each maker present in terms of both marketing and exposure, it is believed that the Korean gigantic wants to take its time and make sure S8 is treated with all the safety and stability precautions needed so the note 7 occurrence isn’t repeated. The Samsung name and image were big enough to stand up to the blow dealt by last year’s note 7 explosive debut, but the second time around could verify exceptionally devastating.

So Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is out for MWC, but the maker is bound to bring other gadgets for the show and tell in Barcelona this February. At CES the crowd got to see phones like the Galaxy A5 and A7 so we might see some new line upgrades provided in February.


Xiaomi has gathered a lot of praise over the last couple of years in the smartphone industry due to its very economical gadgets which are also able to compete with high-end solutions from the likes of Samsung or Apple. This year at MWC Xiaomi is expected to draw out the big guns considering that it showed restraint from spilling the beans on its 2017 plans at CES earlier. If you are keeping your eyes on MWC, be sure to enjoy out for Xiaomi as it might announce its new flagship device, possible the Mi6.


The invitations for media outlets have already been sent out by Nokia rights owner HMD Global. The company stepped out of the shadows earlier and started teasing the approaching arrival of new Nokia top quality devices. With oldschool fans interested to see a potential return to glory of the classic brand, MWC will absolutely be a terrific platform for HMD to blast the public with new handsets. Nokia finally switching to Android makes things even better considering that it will improve the chances of whatever they release to be successful considerably.

More expected appearances

There a lot of other companies that are expected to make an impactful step at MWC. The likes of LG with its teased G6, a potential new Moto X from Lenovo or even a new Sony device all are very likely to be present at MWC 2017, indicating that fans and guests have a lot of ground to cover during the event.

Other tech

In late 2016, smartwatches saw a minor return to popularity, trying to verify everyone that their initial appearance on the tech market wasn’t just a fad. This year’s MWC might be the best opportunity for manufacturers to draw out a new line of wearable gear that could revitalize the smartwatch industry, with a lot more advanced and functional creations.

All in all, the event looks very promising if you’re into smart devices. With a large variety of manufacturers present, you have your fair share of tech flying around and absolutely a lot of options. Whether we’re talking about a device you’ve been waiting for a very long time or something completely new that takes everyone by surprise, you just might find it in Barcelona this February.

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