[Dino], who has ended up being a routine deal with right here on hackaday, sent us one of his regular jobs that we believed was quite cool. He wished to shoot some video of photos to honor his late mother. The goal was to accomplish the “Ken Burns Effect“, however in hardware instead of just doing it in software.  To do this, he developed a 2 axis rig, extremely similar to lots of house made CNC machines we’ve seen. He utilized drawer rails as well as rollers as well as an old scanner for the parts.  We admit, at very first glimpse we weren’t as well pleased with the resulting effect. It is a bit shaky as he moves the cam as well as the zooms as well as slides don’t have that best smoothness that we have come to expect from contemporary video effects.  However, after a few minutes, it seemed so organic as well as pleasurable that it won us over. This undoubtedly isn’t what you would utilize for each project. This project, however, seems to in shape perfectly.

If you still don’t like the effect, you might definitely discover utilizes for this rig aside from video. You might utilize it (with backlight) for batch converting slides or other pictures to digital. It would work best as a 2 axis paper cutter. What other utilizes can you come up with for a 2 axis un-motorized frame?

You can enjoy the building video after the break, as well as the result video on [Dino’s] page.

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