Acer Aspire S5 – The very first genuine MacBook Air competitor

Ultrabooks are something of a new breed, with Apple’s MacBook Air their forefather. While we have had netbooks for a few years now, they’ve historically been underpowered, inexpensive as well as not always pleasant machines that were only there to fill a function up until the tablets came along.

Intel’s most current push for super-small, super-light notebooks is available in the type of the Ultrabooks which are sure to be out in force during this year’s CES, as well as one such gadget was exposed earlier today by Acer as well as it goes by the moniker of the Aspire S5.

At very first blush, the Aspire S5 looks a lot more than a bit like a MacBook Air, as well as there’s a great reason for that. quite much all Ultrabooks look extremely similar to the Air, if only since that ‘thicker at one edge, thinner at the other’ technique is generally agreed to be the very best method to make a thin notebook. keep in mind folks, fantastic artists steal, apparently.

The similarities with the MacBook Air are not just skin deep, either. The Aspire S5 is one of a unusual breed of gadgets to sport a new Thunderbolt port as well as not likewise pack an Apple logo. In fact, it’s the first.

What that indicates is this bit maker can be hooked as much as all kind of accessories, or at least that will be the situation when the accessory makers choose to really bring some to market. ideal now, you’re truly only checking out choosing up Apple’s Thunderbolt monitor, or an costly outside difficult disk. Not precisely an embarrassment of riches, is it?

When it pertains to specifications, you’re checking out a 13-inch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 as well as a gadget that evaluates less than 3 pounds. Thickness-wise, at its thickest point the Aspire S5 is available in at just 15mm, which is thin, obviously.

Internally, there is an Intel Core CPU as well as an SSD for storage.

A handful of ports, including USB, HDMI as well as that Thunderbolt port are all hidden underneath a motorized flap, which to us just seems like something else to go wrong, however we’re undoubtedly lacking in creativity here.

This is just the very first in what is sure to be a long line of Ultrabook announcements over the next few days, so if you’re seeking to pick up a small, light notebook that is not an Apple MacBook Air, then you’ll be wanting to keep an eye on proceedings at CES this week.

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