The 4 best news Curation apps To read news In No Time

every day we consume lots of content and that amount of content can be overwhelming sometimes. We could easily lose crucial news in the midst of all the less crucial news. This is called information overload and it’s a real thing.

The option to this information overload is content curation services. In this article, I am sharing 4 content curation app which I find really useful. keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and it is possible that you might not find all the apps I am mentioning much beneficial (but I hardly believe that will be the case).


Inshorts is one of my much-loved news curation apps and I use it every day. Its main selling point is that it summarizes the news in around 60 words which really is beneficial if you are in a hurry or don’t want to spend much time reading the news. It has few pre-defined categories like technology, business, politics, world, science, etc. It generally covers all the topics that you might find interesting. another cool feature of Inshorts is My Feed. This feature, which is currently in beta, curates news which it think you might find beneficial and it does so by analyzing the kind of news you read (I think so).

Overall, Inshorts is one the best app for getting your daily dose of news in a time efficient way.

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Google news & Weather

Even after 100 million downloads, Google news & weather is not given the amount of respect and recognition it must be given. It is safe to say that everyone around me has this app on their device but not a single person uses it. but that’s not the case with me. It is my much-loved news app. Yes, you read it correctly. Not Inshorts, not Feedly, but Google News.

Google news & weather uses a lot more than 65,000 publication, has support for the country-wise edition, supports all the news categories, and also uses local news and it does so by accessing your location.

It has a” suggested for you” section and it’s very customizable. You can select the type of news you would like to see and it will only offer the news that you might find beneficial and interesting. If you spend some time in the beginning telling it what you like and what you don’t like then it will turn out to be awesome news apps.

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Feedly is quite popular and gained a huge fan base after Google shut down its Google reader service.  Feedly is powered by RSS feeds – you simply add a blog that you want to follow and Feedly will start showing you articles from that blog instantly. It was my go-to news app few months back but few months back, after setting up Google news & Weather, I minimized my usage of Feedly. However, that does not indicate Feedly is not awesome anymore and I don’t use it – I still use it occasionally when I have to follow a particular blog, It’s just that my preferences have changed over the last few months.

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NewsBytes is a fairly new app as compared to other apps in the list. It follows a different technique to using news. NewsBytes curates the crucial stories of the day and shows it in bullet points. like other news apps, you can select from various categories of news.

One big reason why I like this app is that it reminds me of another awesome news app called Bullet News. Back in mid-2015, Bullet news was one of my daily used apps. As the name suggests, it used news in bullet points just like NewsBytes. However, due to some reason Bullet news is no longer available in the Google play store, but NewsBytes is a best replacement for that app.

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What is your much-loved news app? tell us in the comments section below.

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