Make the OnePlus 6 save Screenshots in PNG

OnePlus 6 runs on Oxygen OS which is OnePlus’ handle Android. It’s quite much like stock Android apart from a couple of different tweaks as well as features right here as well as there that the business discovers may be useful for their users. one of the many tweaks in Oxygen OS is exactly how it saves screenshots. The Android default for saving screenshots is the PNG format. However, specific manufacturers like Huawei as well as OnePlus modification this to ensure that screenshots on their gadgets are saved as JPEGs instead. If that’s something you’d like to change, now you can. As long as you have a rooted OnePlus 6, you can make it save screenshots in PNG.

We usually upload screenshots right here in the JPEG style anyway to save area so JPEG screenshots are a bit time-saving for us. For you though, JPEG screenshots don’t provide any type of other benefit than saving up some area on your device. since we’re speaking about the OnePlus 6 here, it’s difficult to believe you’d ever want to save on a few MB of area provided that even the base variant includes 64GB of storage. In any type of case, smaller data size one plus point of saving screenshots in the JPEG style instead of PNG. The smaller data size does come at the expense of a minor decrease in the high quality of the image.

Why PNG as well as not JPEG?

You’ve most likely already figured this out if you’re here. If you haven’t, here’s why. When you take a typical screenshot, JPEGs don’t present any type of problems. The pictures are nice as well as crisp, the text is clear, you can almost never tell it apart from a PNG screenshot other than the difference in data size. The OnePlus 6 though has a longshot function which lets you catch a scrolling screenshot. If you’re especially specific about the high quality of your screenshots, there’s a noticeable difference between an picture saved in PNG as well as JPEG. when again, this difference is not sufficient to make you want to do something about it. most people will not even notice it.

Just like that though there are people who do notice it as well as would prefer their screenshots be saved in PNG. It’s like the debate about 2K panels as well as 1080p panels. Some people don’t notice a difference however some will. If you’re one of those, XDA member angelsel has come up with a Magisk module that makes the OnePlus 6 save screenshots in the PNG style resulting in higher high quality images. Needless to say, this means your gadget needs to be rooted with Magisk, which needs an unlocked bootloader.


PNG patch Magisk module

The PNG patch Magisk module was established for the OnePlus 5T however it likewise works on OnePlus 6 as well as even the OnePlus 5.

How to make OnePlus 6 save screenshots in PNG

Download as well as set up PNG patch manually

Download the PNG patch Magisk module zip data onto your OnePlus 6 utilizing the link provided above. You’ll get a data named

Launch the Magisk manager app on your phone as well as tap pull the side menu drawer with a swipe from the left edge of your screen. You can likewise gain access to this menu by tapping on the hamburger menu icon in the top-left.

Go to the Modules section as well as tap on the floating + button at the bottom. It’s a yellow circle at the bottom as you can see in the screenshot below.

Browse to the downloaded zip file, tap on it to set up the module.

Reboot your gadget when the module is installed.

If you’re utilizing a OnePlus 5/5T, keep in mind to reboot into healing very first as well as wipe the Dalvik/ART cache.

Download as well as set up PNG patch from Magisk repositories

Launch Magisk Manager, as well as head to the Downloads section instead from the side menu drawer.

Here, browse for op5t and then tap on the download button next to the browse result.

Select set up on the popup box that appears as well as then reboot your gadget when installation is complete.

If you have any type of queries or want to report a bug you can do so on the module’s advancement thread at XDA. We’ve linked it below as the source.

Source: xda

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