Control Your Phone’s volume like never before with Persist+ volume control app

Persist+ volume control is a great app for those who’d like to manage audio profiles a little additionally than what stock Android has to offer. It allows you to create different audio profiles for different scenarios. You can create a lot more than 10 profiles that would be suitable for current environment or the one you are yet to come to, considering that automation is not something Persist+ couldn’t handle.

It allows you to fully control volume through all the phone from alarm, media, notifications and ringer volume, to system, voice in-call and bluetooth (headphone) volumes. Besides volume, you can also toggle vibration and change ringtones for every section that phone generally enables you to.

Persist “Home” and “Presets list” screens

The first screenshot is showing our main screen when we open the app. It shows you all volume levels that are currently applied. By pressing on that “document” type of icon in the upper ideal corner, you’ll access volume profiles – presets. You can apply each preset by tapping it, or edit it by pressing an arrow >.

Customizing profiles is easy. When you create a new profile by pressing plus “+” sign in the upper ideal corner, you will be given an empty profile. first you have to name it and then you can start adding settings one by one, or all altogether.

As you can see there are lots of options to help you automate switching between profiles, like location based conditions using GPS, time and date condition, calendar event or even WiFi certain connection. So when you get to your work, connect to certain WiFi or a calendar event starts, like meeting for example, your sound profile will change automatically. This is great for people who are forgetful like me and miss notifications after meeting is over and your profile stays on silent mode.

After changing profile manually with a tap, you will also be greated with a toast message for restoring to previous profile after certain amount of time that you set. So if you have it on “default” and you switch to “silent”, you will be asked if you’d like it to automatically revert back to “default” after figured out time period. With calendar appointment conditions, you can choose profiles to be activated only for events that are marked with “busy” status or events consisting of “#appointment” in the title and/or description.

The point is, this is a very powerful audio profile managing app with lots of options there for you to set. It is up to you to discover all additional options it has to offer alongside a large variety of widgets.

You can use a trial version for 24 hours with access to all features with limited access after that (scheduling and widgets are excluded). I think this app is worth every penny, but this is only my objective opinion. give it a try!

Free version

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Full version

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