15 hidden iphone 6s / 6s plus suggestions and tricks

got the new iphone 6s or 6s Plus? here is a collection of 15 helpful hidden suggestions and tricks that we believe every new user of iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus ought to know about.

Without any even more delay, here’s the full list:

Adjust 3D Touch Sensitivity

With all the firm presses required to invoke 3D Touch features, you could end up wearing out the oleophobic coating on your new iphone 6s/6s plus display. To avoid that, you can tweak the sensitivity of 3D Touch by heading to settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch, and under 3D Touch Sensitivity, select Light.

Adjust video Recording Resolution & fps 

If 4K video recording seems to be taking up too much space on your phone, and you feel you can do without it, you can lower the video recording resolution and also select the fps at that particular resolution. To do this, head over to Settings > photos & Camera > record Video and choose the desired recording resolution and fps.

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Quickly launch A Camera Function

Launching the video camera app, and then swiping to the desired mode, or even hitting the front-facing video camera toggle can waste precious seconds. Now, simply pressing firmly on the video camera app icon on your iphone 6s/6s plus will present you with a quick actions menu. You can now launch the app into selfie mode, start recording a video, and more.

Create customized Animated Wallpapers

Perhaps customized is too strong a word here, but if you delight in wallpapers concerning life on your lock screen, you can use any live photo as your lock screen wallpaper, just like any regular image.

Quickly find directions To home Or Share Your location

Quick actions menu is central to the 3D Touch experience when interacting with your app icons. You can now press firmly on the Maps app to bring up two critical options in addition to two more: directions Home and send My Location. What each option does is self-explanatory.

Enable Or Disable live Photos

Whether the feature is gimmicky or not is another debate, what is understood is that the feature is slick, but it does take up quite some storage space, practically double that of a standard photo. If you chose a 16GB iphone 6s or 6s Plus, you may want to toggle between live photos and standard photography. You can toggle live photos on or off from inside the video camera app by tapping the button in the menu bar at the top.

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Manage Emails Without opening Messages

Thanks to 3D Touch, you can now simply press firmly on an email to peek at it. You will also be presented with options like Reply, Forward, Notify Me, relocation to Junk etc. No much more getting in an out of email messages the old way.

Peek At music Playlists

You can now take a quick look at a playlist in music app without having to leave the screen you’re on. simply hard-press on the play/pause button to bring up a list of all the tracks along with the option to Play, Shuffle, or add to My Music. If you press harder still, you’ll be taken to the playlist page.

Review Recent photos While Taking More

You can rapidly go through your recent photos while in the video camera app without having to jump into the video camera Roll. simply press firmly on the video camera Roll thumbnail to bring up a roll of your photos. lift your finger, and you’ll be back to the video camera viewfinder.

Peek At Websites

You can now rapidly preview a web page by pressing firmly on a URL anywhere in iOS. So the next time your friend messages you a link to a website, hard-press on it to bring up a card including the web page. You can then choose to Open Link, add to reading list or Copy.

Press On contact photo Anywhere To call Or Message

3D Touch offers a nifty way of quick communicating with a contact by way of firmly pressing on a contact picture to bring up the quick actions menu. You can easily place a call, or message the contact from there.

Switch apps With 3D Touch

No much more double-pressing the home button to invoke the app Switcher. iphone 6s/6s plus users can now firmly press on the left edge of the phone’s display and slide to the center to bring up the app switcher. If you continue swiping to the best edge, you will be able to switch between last-opened apps.

Turning The Keyboard into A Trackpad

Did you know that you can convert the keyboard on your iphone 6s/6s plus into a trackpad of sorts, giving you complete one-handed control over moving the cursor and selecting text? To see how you can do that, check out our post about the feature: How To use 3D Touch To turn iphone 6s Keyboard into A Trackpad [Tip].

Always-on hello Siri

Finally! In iphone 6s and iphone 6s Plus, you no longer need to have your phone plugged-in to have it always listen to “Hey Siri” voice command. thanks to the M9 coprocessor,null

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